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Another week and another free boynapped videos update just for your viewing pleasure. Today we bring you Jason, a guy that you’ve seen before, taking on a submissive role while his partner this time is Adam. Another familiar face. We wanted to pair them in this boy napped video update to see what they’d be able to do together. And the two decided what else. But to go for more light BDSM. So Adam tied up Jason this time, binding his hands and feet together and holding him lifted up to play with his ass… Also blindfolding him, so he can’t see what was going on to his tight ass. Adam then proceeded to take out various toys sticking them inside James’ ass probing with roughly. And James? well you bet he enjoyed the whole thing, he said he’d be willing to do it all over again. And we hope so.


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Hello again guys, and welcome. Today the boynapped porn crew brings you a freshly baked video of two guys having rough sex and having fun. One of them plays the role of a dominating man slut while the other gets himself strapped to the bed and has candle was poured onto him by his dominant master. The latter then steps up and mounts his cock riding it like a champ for the whole duration of the fuck scene. And be sure that this guy isn’t afraid to ride it balls deep, as that makes his ass feel best.

The guy on the table was also having the time of his life, though you may have not been able to see it. Just the feeling of his big and rock hard dick inside the other boy napped guy’s ass was incredible. And just the way he was taking it so deep was driving him absolutely nuts. He went faster and harder until the guy tied to the bed couldn’t hold it and just let his jizz load fill the other guy’s ass for a nice anal cream pie. We are sure you’ll enjoy this update and we’ll see you next time with more. Until then have fun and enjoy! Also you can visit the site and watch some similar gay sex videos!


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Leo James returns today in this boynapped gay sex update with some fresh new meat that has to be broken in to the team experience. So Leo puts his skills on the line as he takes this green horn for the ride of his life. You know we at the boy napped headquarters always strive to bring you the best content and today we don’t want to make any exceptions. So watch the expert Leo as he binds his fresh recruit into a straightjacket and has his way with his cock and balls to the delight of the guy. He uses his firm hands to fondle the guy’s balls for a while until he gets his cock rock hand and all ready for his famed hand job. And this was the moment the guy was also waiting for as Leo started to stroke his cock faster and harder until he came blowing his load all over the place. For similar hardcore gay sex movies click here and watch other horny gay guys getting their asses fucked!


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Boynapped porn – Rock Hard and Rammed

Hot new crew member Adam Watson is the main feature of our boynapped porn galleries today. He is the new addition to our team of horny guys that are always looking for a fuck with some BDSM added in. So today Adam had to be on the receiving end as we had another one of our guys named James to rough him up a bit. James did what he knows best, he tied Adam’s arms up and bent him over a pole to have his way with his tight little ass. The first few inches of James’s cock were a bit much for Adam as he squealed for a bit. But soon he started moaning as the large cock of boy napped  James was making his ass feel really good.

So sit back and watch as Adam takes his anal pounding like the good little man slut that he is, all the wile begging James to go harder and faster. Luckily for him James does have some stamina and he takes quite a while before he usually blows his load. More good news for Adam as his ass was getting more loose and now he was moaning like a woman in pleasure of being fucked. Sure enough all good things must come to an end and James released his load all over Adam’s ass and back in this awesome boynapped gay sex gallery update. If you liked this video and you are looking for similar videos and pics, check out the FraternityX blog!


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Boy Napped – Luckas Layton gets Used

Lukas Layton is back again for more boy napped classic treatment. Seems that the horny guy didn’t have enough cock last time inside his tight ass and this time so he came back for more. And like always you know that our crew is happy to oblige any request no matter how crazy. For this one we gave him to little gay twinks that were to take the lead in the sex session while he was suppose to stay submissive the whole time. And what a great job he did of it too. For starters one guy stripped down and offered Lukas his big cock to suck on while the other was spanking his ass with a paddle.

Afterwards the fun really began as the guys took off their clothes and offered both cocks for Lukas to suck on. After he got them nice and lubed it was time for them to take turns fucking Lukas’s tight ass. So without further due, just go to and see them fuck Lukas in turns as the guy moans in pleasure. For a extra added bonus, Lukas asked them both to stick their cocks in his ass as he was nice and loose now. And it was his first time taking two cocks at once too. Stay tuned for more updates soon everyone, you can be sure we’ll be back again.


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Hot and Cold Dick Torture

Scott is the star of today’s boynapped videos as he and his guy friend decide to test out some hard core gay sex for the first time. Well Scott at least. He never did something like this before and it’s a good thing that his friend knows the ropes, it’s not his first boy napped gay sex experience. His name is Ashton and you’ve seen this tied up gay here before. He plants Scott in what looks like a hammock but with lots and lots of chains and restraints all ready to hold  Scott’s body in place. And he then starts pouring candle wax from a lit candle onto his body, which Scott seemed to enjoy as his cock was starting to get bigger and harder. Ashton then used his master fingers to insert his hand into Scott’s ass and at that moment Scott couldn’t hold it in anymore shooting his jizz all over himself. If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the site and see other hot gay guys getting fucked!


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Boynapped – Anal Opening

For today we have a suite of boynapped videos all primed and ready for your enjoyment. Calvin is back for this ones as he’s got his ass all ready for fun and his new boyfriend is ready to take him on a wild ride. So today Calvin wanted to have a feel of how it feels like having your body toyed with while you’re blindfolded and can’t see a thing. His buddy there started massaging his horny body with a passion turning him on more and more, as you could see Calvin’s cock getting bigger and bigger in the excitement.

So for this boy napped gallery of videos you can then see as his friend pokes his tight ass with his masterful fingers probing deeper and deeper in his ass. Essentially fingering his anal hole until Calvin is just about to burst. His friend then takes his fingers out, as he’s not about to let him explode just yet. He wants that load of jizz in his mouth, so he takes Calvin’s cock in his mouth for a wet and deep blow job until Calvin cums and blows his cum inside his friend’s mouth. We hope to see you again soon guys, enjoy! Don’t forget that you can find some similar hardcore inside the titan site, so check it out and watch other horny gay guys getting their tight ass holes fucked!


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Twink gets Restrained and Wax Covered

Hey guys, boynapped returns today with a special update just for you. In this week’s gallery we would like to present you with a dude that likes it really rough, easily netting him one of the top spots here at our boy napped studio of being a favorite model to work with. We were really impressed and we sure as hell hope to have him again here as soon as possible. His name is Max Brown and he told us that he has a particular passion for being tied up and roughed up by his partners. He also said that he enjoys the forms of light tortures from BDSM and would really like to show his skills off for the camera.

So not wanting to be the ones to burst his bubble we decided to allow this submissive man to put his skills on display. We gave him another guy packing a large cock that was ready and waiting to have sex with some fresh studs the first chance he got. So watch as Max gets tied firmly to the bed while the hotoldermale pours how wax on his eager body, turning him on even more. Then he mounts his face planting his ass on Max’s mouth so he can start rimming him. And even tied up Max didn’t relent one bit, wanting to do the best rim job that he could. The two of them continued going at it until The guy having his ass probed by Max’s tongue couldn’t hold it and blew his load all over Max’s hot body. Enjoy everyone!


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Boy Napped – Straight Boy Gets Spanked and Jerked

Today boy napped has a special guy here. His name is Kane and he’s about to get his first lesson in gay intercourse. He prides himself on being bisexual but he admitted that he never actually tried having sex with another guy. So we called in one of our resident experts that just loves breaking in greenhorns to the  whole experience. You could say that poor Kane bit off more than he could chew because he sure as hell wasn’t expecting the things that his new master’s expert hands did to him throughout the whole afternoon. He stripped down Chaosmen Kane and then had him lay down on the floor while he massaged his body and touched him sensually all over the place, eventually making his way down to his cock and balls. And that’s when the boynapped show really began. He began jerking off Kane as the guy was beginning to moan in pleasure of the sure hand that was now stroking his cock hard and fast.


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Boynapped – Hot Wax And Hard Fucks

In today’s boynapped update we bring you another session with two guys having the time of their life practicing some very intriguing bondage sex. Brad Holt found himself in the receiving end of the other guy’s cock after he lost a bet, but mostly he was curious to try for himself the whole being tied up thing while you’re being fucked. So the other guy couldn’t be more happy to oblige and satisfy his curiosity. You can see the rookie Brad as he gets his hands and legs tied up, and planted bottoms up in a doggie style position for his new boyfriend to have an easier time roughing up his tight little ass. And boy did he do a great job or what. As soon as he plunged his big cock in Brad’s ass he didn’t stop for a minute, he just fucked and fucked that tight hole of Brad’s until he was ready to burst, and at that moment pulled out and left Brad to suck every drop of cum that he was ready to shoot. Enjoy and see you in the next boy napped  update with more. Also you can visit the blog and watch other kinky gay guys fucking each other’s tight ass!


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