Boynapped – Aaron Aurora & Lincoln Gates

Hey there guys! Boynapped are back with another video and today we have for you a special update. Just click on that play button on the screen, make yourself comfortable and take your time with these two hot studs. Today’s video is really special and you’ll see why. In this video, you will get to see this guy that is really special because he loves really rough sex and his companion is very eager to start filming together with him. His name is Lincoln and all dreams are going to came true tonight. And for that, his partner, Aaron, is going to play a very important part. It is well known that he has a particular passion for being punished and that is not all! He also loves to be punished with hot wax. See this guy being tied up and punished with wax.

As our boy napped cameras start to roll you will see that these two guys are already naked and ready for a hardcore video today. Lincoln is going to get tied up by that wooden table, with his face facing the door. He is not going to see a thing and this make everything more hot and naughty. Aaron is going to light up a candle and you’ll see how he is going to pour hot was all over his body while fucking that tight ass. Pleasure and pain are going to be two in one in this nice evening. Enjoy!


Watch here this guy getting tied and punished with wax!